the taste of the fruit



Either raw, fried, stewed, with or within a sauce, as a juice or within a gazpacho meal, the tomato is a very nutritive and refreshing nourishment that, due to its flavour, belongs to the Mediterranean Diet.

However, the healthy benefit of this mere vegetable may highly overcome its culinary usages. And it turns out that, up to now, no drug or medicine has shown as much therapeutical properties as the tomato has revealed to have, since, just by itself, it has proved to prevent cancer and heart attacks. Moreover, the tomato has earned a very good reputation as a remineralizing and detoxicating vegetable

Very high content of C and A vitamins, apart from addressing other diseases.

Whether from our own truck farms during winter time or from the Netherland's farms during summer time, we are able to bring the best quality products right to your table all the year round.