the taste of the fruit

Our Products

"The world is our allotment"

We know no frontiers; nor towns; nor cities; nor countries; nor continents...

We aim at getting the best product right from its original production area to our own clients.

That is why our type of products arrives from everywhere in the world:

both original fresh cherries from Argentina and Chile as well; juicy South African citrus fruits and tasty melons from Costa Rica.

But products quality is what actually cares rather than its origin.

Frutas y verduras

All of our products come from Grocery stores and cooperatives with the due Global Gap certification, frequently along with the CSR Integrated Systems.

Our farmers harvest our products with their own hands, wrap them and refrigerate them as quick as possible so as to keep and preserve all of our products properties.

We believe that the market of fresh products can only succeed so long as each of the parties works altogether as a team.